What Others Say About Kimonos For Kai

Ever since I heard Kai’s story I haven’t been able to put it out of my head. I like so many others I have been able to overcome my own anxiety through the practice of Jiu Jitsu. So many more people need our help and attention. Be aware. Notice. Help. Let them know they are #irreplaceable.”

Neale H.

When I listened to the story about Kai, it not only touched my heart very deeply, but took me only seconds to realize what an incredible family the Wright family is. To have to cope with the loss of your own child, the worst imaginable tragedy a parent could face, yet find the strength to want to reach out to as many children and parents as possible to prevent others from this tragedy, is truly the most unselfish, human act of kindness I’ve ever experienced. We would live in a perfect world if we all conducted our lives this way. Thank God for people like you, James! Thank you for letting me help you spread the word of your cause!

Christine D.

The gear helps others to know that they are #notreplaceable. If I were still practicing martial arts I would buy gear! Totally checking if there are t-shirts.

Linda B.

Kai’s Spirit is So Alive in The Works Of Kimonos for Kai. Your Families Messages will Prevent and Heal Many Lives Some will know about and others you won’t. How Gracious Your Family Is. God Bless You All. He is With You.

Trisha C.

This is a great family using their lives to better the lives of others.

Tracie S.