You Are Not Replaceable // Tomorrow Awaits

To the weak, the weary, the wanderers
Those who feel left out, or out of place
To the faint and brokenhearted
Those who feel they can’t make it through the day

You are not replaceable
This is not where your story ends
You can make it to tomorrow—
You can make it through today

You are not replaceable
Your story has just begun
Your gifts have not yet been given—
This is just the beginning

Pick yourself up off the floor
You may be beaten but not broken
You may be tired but not finished
You are a survivor, a warrior
A hero in the flesh
Every inch of you designed with purpose
Every cell, every fiber—perfect
Created to carry you to greatness
You have been crafted with the purest intention
To love without limits
To dream without fear
To achieve and succeed
To fall and to fly
To get knocked down and to rise stronger every time
To live while you’re alive
Through scraped knees and heartaches
To standing on the top of your own personal mountain; screaming out victory
To everything in between

You are not replaceable
Everything you do
Can only be done by you
You are unique in all the universe

You are not replaceable
Tomorrow and each day after
Has been given as your birthright
Seize it, don’t waste it, don’t throw it all away

You are not replaceable
The whole world will mourn you when you’re gone
All the ways in which you dazzle
Cut short once you’re done

You are not replaceable
It is not a question of worth
You have been worthy since birth—
Created with value immeasurable

You are not replaceable
You are you
You are the only one
Do not deny the world the gift that you have always been, my love
Do not give up halfway through the hike
Do not give up halfway through your life
All that giving up will do
Is make it so you miss the beautiful mountain top view
All the rewarding, gratifying pleasure that awaits you
Every breakdown comes with breakthroughs
Every struggle comes with newfound strength
Every tear comes with a love so pure it drowns out the ache
Do not give up on this gift you’ve been given
I promise you there is so much more life yet to be living
Moments that will take your breath away
Moments that will make you forget there was ever pain

So please do not give up today
For tomorrow awaits

Madi “Ever” Evans